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Brutal War

Author: James Carafano

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About the Book

n 1942, US and Australian forces waged a brutal war against the Japanese in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Plunged into a primitive, hostile world in which their modes of battle seemed out of place and time, they fought, suffered, hated, starved, and killed in muck and mud. James Carafano’s vivid history brings this all to life. Ranging from detailed descriptions of specific battles to accounts of the fates of prisoners and the crucial role played by New Guinea’s Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, Carafano chronicles the grueling, and ultimately successful, Allied campaign, telling a tale of war at the very edge of human endurance.

  • A War to Remember.
  • The Allies’ War.
  • Japan’s War.
  • Of Muck and Men.
  • Forward into the Jungle.
  • The Jungle’s First Battle.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.
  • Regulars, by God.
  • Don’t Come Back Alive.
  • An Unfair Fight.
  • Aftermath.

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